About Us

The Arabian Gallery embarked on its artistic journey as a mobile gallery in 1986. Our inception was centered around the ambitious goal of curating a repository for photography, which eventually expanded to encompass paintings, sculptures, and distinctive timepieces. This evolution saw us inviting artists from around the globe to contribute to an artistic movement that defies all boundaries.

Emerging as a digital and international platform amid the pandemic, The Arabian Gallery began to proudly showcase an extensive array of artworks spanning thousands. This collection features pieces by both local talents and globally acclaimed artists. Our trajectory of growth continues through our robust e-commerce website and our participation in esteemed art events.

The gallery offers an ideal haven for fervent artists, collectors, and newcomers venturing into the intricate realms of the art world. At The Arabian Gallery, we celebrate the convergence of art, culture, and history, elevating the appreciation of art for its intrinsic beauty.